Friday, May 23, 2008

time for me 2.0

finally there is sm1 like me..

visit this blogger

when i started this blog posting bsnl sports quiz was my only objective.but as i blogged on i got diverted to other(hopefully better) things..

now to c sm1else doing dat,i realise its time for a makeover.
time to move on and move up.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

feel like blogging

Some videos i enjoyd last week:







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Monday, April 7, 2008

c thru blogging..

What you c in most blog is the final completed version of an authors thought.What if u can c the various stages thru which a blog goes b4 it gets edited,censored,sequentialized and presentable?

It would be ike an author spreading his plot and characters on d table letting his readers into his world of writing showing how he develops a plot and even the minor mistakes which he corrects at the end...

enuf said what folows is an incomplete blog of mine...

this is how it has shaped up on the first day...

drop in tmrw to c how it develops on the second day of blogging...

some shrewd quizzers cld guess d qstns even now...

as for the others wait till the plot thickens...


1)Put fundaas..whats d film and whats d speciality?

2, Id the film :

and connect it to d gentleman below.

3,Identify whos proposing to whom?

4,Put fundaas

5, Id this famous web comic..

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